original rbs buildingRock Brook School began in the summer of 1974 by a Speech Language Pathologist and a Montessori trained Special Education Teacher.  It was started to provide an intensive program that worked on language and sensory motor problems for children ages 2 1/2 to 6 with communication handicaps.  At the time, legislation was just under consideration to extend state responsibility for educating preschool special education students.  It was the first comprehensive education program for preschool special education students in Somerset County. The low student to teacher ratio and the emphasis on remediating language and communication skills at an early age were new concepts for the educational and professional community.  In addition, occupational therapy was provided to work on balance and coordination skills which also were a new component of programming for children with developmental issues.   Over the years the program has grown and adapted to the needs of its students and the community.  Most recently, the high school program with its emphasis on community education has been established.

This year the school is celebrating 40 years of commitment to educating children with special needs and their families.  Since 1974, the school has demonstrated best practices to the special education community and continues its legacy of quality education providing supports and ensuring success.


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