Rock Brook students receive academic instruction, support services, related services, and transition services according to their individualized educational plan (IEP) and in accordance with the State of New Jersey’s Core Curriculum Standards.

Rock Brook School is rooted in multi-sensory instruction, and while it meets the core curriculum standards, it is designed to help students reach their highest level of achievement in learning and independence in their development of social and living skills.

Unique, Multi-Faceted Approach to Learning

We appreciate just how important communication skills are for succeeding in today’s world. That is why all classes are taught using a team approach. Each class is staffed with a full-time special education teacher, a certified speech pathologist and a teaching assistant. A full academic program is provided, along with individual speech/language therapy. Speech and language remediation is incorporated into all phases of the curriculum. Our full academic individualized programs follow NJ Core Content Standards. All specialists work together to reinforce what is being taught.

Our Genuine Caring

We honor each child’s differences and work to maximize their potential so they may lead happy and fulfilling lives. We strive to create a safe, warm and nurturing environment where children can excel, make friends and optimize their potential.

The Least Restrictive Environment

While many public schools have appropriate classes for special needs students, the overall environment can be overwhelming in size, scope, noise level and even the distance a child has to walk to get to the cafeteria. At Rock Brook, our school is small, cozy, colorful and designed to make self-mastery possible.

Parents are Always Welcome

Our goal is to create a school setting where parents can feel confident that their child’s needs are being met. We have regular ongoing communications with our parents. We also sponsor discussion groups and a range of family activities.


  • Reading & Math
  • Technology 
  • Social skills training groups led by speech/language pathologists
  • Occupational therapy-sensory integration, fine/gross motor and activities of daily living
  • Counseling & play therapy groups
  • Experiences in the community
  • Individual and/or small group technology instruction
  • Weekly art, music and physical education classes
  • Speech/occupational therapy collaboration
  • Individualized behavior management plans
  • Community outreach programs
  • Pet therapy


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