High School

Grades 9 and Post Graduate (14 – 21 years)

The mission of the high school program is to help students attain the skills and knowledge needed to become independent and successful in society through community-based experiences.  Community Based Instruction (CBI) is sustained and repeated instruction that takes place in the community rather than the school building.  The areas of study include career awareness, career exploration, and community living.  The program provides functional literacy skills, mathematics, personal finance skills, and employability skills to support the transition from tradition school environment to the world of work.  Goals and objectives are aligned to the Common Core Standards for English, Language Arts and Mathematics. 

The goal of the “It’s My Future” transition program for students 18 – 21 is to build students and family confidence as they transition from K-12 education to achieving their adult goals related to living, learning and earning within their community.

As part of the Structured Learning Experience (SLE) Program students volunteer at a setting, that matches their skills and interests.  They not only learn the “hard skills” of the job, but also “soft skills” such as following directions from a supervisor, interacting with co-workers, and using break time appropriately.  Students have volunteered at Grateful Bites, Kismet, Farm, Mary Jacobs Library, Princeton Health & Yoga, SAVE Animal Shelter and The Montgomery Newspaper. 

Promoting independence is at the forefront of the “It’s My Future” transition program.  Students are encourage to be responsible for their belongings, complete tasks independently, and be examples of appropriate behavior within the school environment and the community.