We are looking for people who are committed to special education and want to work in an out-of-district setting.  We seek committed professionals who understand that our approach is not a static one and who are willing to be creative, seek continuing education and modify approaches as benefits the students.  This work setting is challenging and provides the opportunity to make an impact on the self esteem, quality of life and lifelong success of our students.

Professional staff are required to be licensed and certified in their fields.  The professional growth of each member is promoted and supported by administrative staff.  Teacher assistants should have at least a high school education and a willingness to learn.  Applicants are encouraged to visit the school and meet with the Director if interested in applying for a position or requesting that their resume be on file.  The professional growth of each staff member is promoted and supported by administrative staff.

If interested in working at the school, please email:

Executive Director, W. Glenn Famous at glenn.famous@rock-brook.org

Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Maggie Deeds at maggie.deeds@rock-brook.org

As of April 27, 2022 current openings include:

Teacher of Students with Disabilities Full Time  – ESY 2022 & SY 2022-2023
RBS Special Education Teacher – FT

Instructional Paraprofessional/Teacher Assistant Full Time/Part Time/Seasonal –  ESY 2022 & SY 2022-2023
TA Job FT:PT:Seasonal

Physical Education Teacher Part-Time ESY 2022 & SY 2022-2023
PE Health Teacher – PT