Click Here to Download Rock Brook’s 2015-2016 Strategic Plan

Rock Brook School Mission Statement

Rock Brook School offers a cooperative and compassionate environment that meets the needs of our students and their families through education and a variety of individualized supports.  Each student is challenged and motivated to reach his or her full potential.
“Pride in Accomplishments”  “Coming into their Own”  “Enjoying Success”

Rock Brook School Vision Statement

IMG_0343 (2)Children who attend Rock Brook School gain the knowledge and skills they need to become comfortable and successful in society.  Through each family’s partnership with the school, they develop a better understanding of their child’s place in both their family and community.  Rock Brook’s committed teachers view the school as a place where they can use their expertise to help children reach their full potential.  Sending districts understand how Rock Brook School fills the gap for children who can’t be served in traditional ways, and willingly work in partnership with school staff.

Strategic Plan

Rock Brook School will pursue the following goals and objectives..


  • Maintain quality and consistency of Rock Brook’s core educational program.
  • Develop stronger relationship with sending districts, community professionals, and referral sources.
  • Broaden Rock Brook’s fundraising base to build stability for the future of the organization.
  • Develop opportunities for staff development and input on long term issues.
  • Continue Marketing and Public Relations efforts for the school.
  • Continue to work with the board to support the mission of the school.